Koala Phone privacy policy

Koala Phone is a simple mobile phone launcher available for Android. You can control your phone without glasses. You will never do any mistake again thanks to the large keyboard and readable texts.

This application is focused for easy calling and messaging and also contains specially designed apps like the camera, gallery, alarm and flashlight. You can simply run other apps directly from the Koala Phone menu.


Privacy Policy

Koala Phone does not store or collect any personal data. It only reads the list of SMS messages, phone contacts and calls from the phone and it can display it. It does not share this data with any website, or third party service.

All the temporary data needed for the application are kept in the phone (temporary cache of the contact names, loaded application icons etc.). When the app is uninstalled, all temporary data are removed. This app does not connect to any web service, does not use any cookies, does not ask for any specific personal information.

Koala Phone uses a Google Analytics service to collect annonymous data about the application usage. It does not contain any personal data, just the info when the app was installed and when it was started. You may opt-out of certain Google Analytics features through your mobile device settings, such as your device advertising settings or by following the instructions provided by Google in their Privacy Policy.


Contacts: Koala Phone can display the large list of contact names from your phone. You can add new contact. If you click on a contact name, a default dialer is displayed and you can start a call.

Location: You can select the list of contacts from your contact list. When SOS button is pressed, an SMS message with a GPS position is send to these contacts. This permission needs to be granted the first time when SOS button is pressed.

SMS: Koala Phone can work as a default SMS application, it can send and receive SMS messages. You can write text on a large keyboard. You can save your messages to a phone.

Phone: Koala Phone can read the list of previous calls (the call log). If you click on a contact name, a default dialer is displayed and you can start a call. You can also dial a number on a large keyboard (but Koala Phone is not a default dialer, calling and receiving calls is still done by the selected default system application).

Photos, camera and storage: Koala Phone can display photos from your phone. When you take a photo with the camera, Koala Phone can save this photo into storage.

Microphone: You can write text messages with the voice recognition. This feature can be accessed on the Write message screen. You need to allow this permission, when you click on the microphone icon for the first time.

Phone status and ID: Koala Phone needs this permission to access the level of the phone signal and the battery level. Also the device ID is used to distinguish between the different types of devices (phone, tablet…)

Disable the screen lock, prevent device from sleeping: Koala Phone can disable the screen lock, if you activate it in the settings. This feature does not need any extra permission.

Control flashlight: This permission is used for the flashlight feature, also for the camera flash.

More information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us: support@koalaphone.com