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If you send me a small donation to support my development, you will automatically receive unlock codes to all my apps on your email.

Or you can take a photo of one of my apps on your watch, post it to a Twitter or Instagram or the web. Let me know on support@tomasslavicek.cz, I will send you the unlock codes 🙂

My Day 24 – unlock more colors and configurable data fields
Half Time – unlock white color theme, minutes and seconds
Boutique – unlock different colors
Maze Game – unlock all 50 levels and 20 challenges
Emerald Maze – unlock levels 5-10 (130 bigger mazes, with play time 3-4 hours) Solution to levels
Activity Graph
World Traveller
Blue Planets

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To receive unlock codes for all my apps please fill your e-mail and consider a small donation to support my development


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Privacy policy

These watch faces can collect your heart rate, sleep and steps history in the last 24 hours to be able to display it. Data are saved in the device itself and encrypted. When you uninstall the watch face, all the data are removed. These watch faces do not share any data with any third party applications or services.

We will send you the list of unlock codes to your email. We may contact you in a future if there are any updates to these apps, or new releases. If you want to remove your email from the database, just send me a message.

If you have any questions or ideas, send me your feedback on support@tomasslavicek.cz